Welcome to Pinoy Tsibog!

Thank you for visiting my site. Pinoy Tsibog is a personal recipe blog, created and maintained by yours truly.

This site is mainly about recipes of Filipino dishes and some cuisines that I simply want to try. I started blogging just to take note of the recipes I have already done and prove myself that I can cook or bake. I am not a chef or a professional cook. I am just a risk-taker especially when it comes in the kitchen.

About the Author

Hi there! My name is Michelle Ann Perez-Ramos, you can call me Mitchie or Mitch for short. I am a wife, employee and an entrepreneur. In my very busy lifestyle some of my outlets to relieve my stress are to cook and blog. My husband and I are currently based in United Arab Emirates and we find it difficult to survive the expensive way of dining-out everyday, so I decided to learn how to cook. Luckily, I've improved my cooking and even baking skills. Blogging is another efficient way for me to disclose just anything in my mind. Thru this, I can also practice my writing as well as my photography skills.

Aside from www.pinoytsibog.com, I also take time to have my personal blog, http://michelleannperezramos.blogspot.ae, hobby of photography in http://michelleperezphotography.blogspot.ae, and our family’s charity project in http://give-a-gift-project.blogspot.ae