Restaurant Review : Ola Brasil Restaurant

My husband and I were invited for a complimentary dinner in Ola Brasil Restaurant. It was just a perfect timing to fit in to our busy schedule and to celebrate my husband’s birthday. I checked on their menu online get an idea of what to expect on our plate, but I didn’t bother to read other reviews or articles not to spoil our excitement. It was an exciting dinner to experience a Brazilian Churrasco here in Abu Dhabi. Churrasco is the term for barbecue that originated from Southern Brazil.

Ola Brasil Restaurant opened its doors just this year. Its location is near to Abu Dhabi Airport and a little far from the city center but perfect place to unwind and relax. Upon entering, the friendly staff assisted us to our table and offered their menu. The restaurant interior looks very elegant and spacious. The ambiance is very homey and the tables are perfectly distanced from each other which is quite a plus especially if you are coming in group.

So now, let’s talk about the food! Drooling while typing this. Whew! Ola Brasil Restaurant offers several variety of barbecued meat and great selection of salad in their salad bar in buffet option. Though they also offer ala carte orders, I would greatly recommend to opt for buffet as it is more value for money. My husband and I decided to go for a full blast of meat experience as we selected their dinner Ola Package. It comes with unlimited salads and 25 types of mouth-watering barbecues!

I really love these lovely Brazilian cheese puffs!  

OK, let's start it light ;)

Ohlala! Cheeseeeeee 👌

The verdict: OK, my husband and I were both hands-up after indulging with - - - Oh, I don’t know anymore how many kinds of barbecue meats we managed to eat. Every slice of meat are all tenderized and seasoned to perfection. My husband is not a lamb chops fan but I can surely say that he enjoyed every bit of it on his plate. Good thing that we avoided eating carbs before enjoying our barbecue meat heaven. It gives us a little more space for the meat. Though we were not able to try all from their selection, we surely enjoy everything they served. Oh, and after having all those lovely top-quality and sumptuous meat, I truly enjoyed and appreciate their grilled pineapple seasoned with cinnamon. It perfectly balanced our taste buds.

The ambiance is very commendable; the food selections are perfect for anyone not just to meat lovers and vegetarians, though I am hoping to see more, otherwise everything are great; the beverage and wine selection are nice too; and the staffs, they are very accommodating and knowledgeable of their menu and recommendations. They also offer an outdoor seating which I am sure would be great on a cooler weather and a separate area for shisha too. The price for buffet is very affordable compare to the huge selection of food! Definitely a good value for money and great unique experience.

We can’t wait to be back and for sure that it will be with our friends. It is a hidden gem and place for meat heaven!

Confession: I was not able to take as much photo of the barbecues served on our table because we overly enjoyed our dinner ✌

Location: Al Ghazal Golf Club, Abu Dhabi
Telephone: +971 2 505 3323 / +971 55 519 0066


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