7 Destinations for Food Traveling

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For those who think that an unforgettably delicious dish is worth traveling across the globe, we put together seven cities where gourmets won’t have to look for these dishes too long.

1. Lima, Peru
Three establishments in Lima made their way to the list of the 50 best restaurants in the world. The Central Restaurant invites you to a gastronomic trip through one of the Peruvian ecosystems. A huge assortment of products, carefully selected by a team of experts, turns every dish into a taste extravaganza. In the Miraflores district, be sure to visit the Maido restaurant, specializing in Nikkei and Japanese cuisine, complemented with rare Peruvian ingredients and cooking methods. Try local ceviche (marinated raw fish) in Astrid & Gaston. This is a real masterpiece of elegance and a Peruvian gastronomic heritage.

2. Montevideo, Uruguay
Uruguay and Argentina have long been competing for the title of the meat cuisine king. Uruguay is full of old markets, filled with the delicious sounds of meat, hissing on the open Parrilla grill. Taste one of the best beef varieties on the Mercado del Puerto, the old market in the port of Montevideo. Chorizo, morcilla (blood sausage), and anchuras (giblets) - everything that the meat-eater can wish for is being prepared on hot coals 24/7. If the sausages don’t impress you, try the local dish called choripan (fried chorizo in the baguette) with chimichurri (Uruguayan pesto with red pepper flakes).

3. Hanoi, Vietnam
Vietnam is a street food mecca. In Hanoi, at every corner, you’ll certainly find some enthusiastic chef: these are the people who cook the most exciting dishes that you can taste right on the street. Sit on the tiny plastic chairs on Ta Hien Street to try the hot, lush Bánh bao bun dumplings stuffed with marinated pork. Or order a gastronomic tour called Hidden Hanoi. Let the expert guide you through busy streets and secret alleys to find the best bun cha (grilled pork with fresh noodles).

4. Tokyo, Japan
Want to try something truly stunning? Tokyo is a perfect place to do it. Dine in handcuffs in the prison cell of Alcatraz E.R or see the robot fights while eating at the Robot Restaurant. And this is only a small part of what this unique city has to offer! Go to the Asadachi Restaurant, the paradise of getemono (grotesque products). They serve hot fried salamander, frog sashimi, raw pork testicles, and even the frog heart that’s still beating!

5. Paris, France
No one can enjoy life like the Parisians do. If you can’t imagine your life without sweets, then Paris is your destination. Its Angelina Cafe is famous for its hot chocolate. In the Jacques Genin chocolate boutique, you can taste the delicious Millefeuille cakes. Oh, and don’t forget to buy macaroons in Ladurée. The Jean-Paul Hévin Cafe specializes in all kinds of chocolate. And finally, you can’t leave Paris until you try the croissant Ispahan (a cake with almonds, raspberries, and lychees with sweetened rose petals) in Pierre Hermé.

6. Washington, USA
The USA is the motherland of fast food. The number of fast food restaurants here is maximized. To try the best burgers, you need to cross the country from east to west, starting with Five Guys in Washington, DC. This restaurant has never disappointed its guests with its combo of classic hamburger, French fries, and Coke. At the other end of the country, on the West Coast, visit the In-N-Out snack bar in California. This establishment is famous for its In-N-Out Double-Double burger and branded sauce.

7. Lviv, Ukraine
Lviv can be called the gastronomic capital of Ukraine. Nobody cooks better than Ukrainian women. Local cuisine has collected the best recipes from different countries and nationalities. Austrian strudel, Jewish forshmak, and Hungarian goulash - all these dishes have found their place in the traditional Ukrainian menu along with borsch and vareniki (local dumplings with mashed potatoes, meat, or sweets). During your trip, you‘ll taste the best of Ukrainian cuisine and try some local alcoholic beverages.

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