Singapore Food Adventure

Singapore is definitely a food paradise for food lovers, like me. A wide variety of food is available everywhere to satisfy the appetites of people from different cultures and races. Food are freshly cooked and the aroma will persistently linger in your mind until you try the mouthwatering dish. Singaporean food are mainly influenced by Chinese, Indian and Malay cuisines.

Being in Singapore for few days was such a relief from my daily work stress. My husband and I chose Singapore to visit because of Universal Studios and the food experience. Well, indeed, our food adventure was the best part of our trip :)

We stayed in Marrison Hotel in Bugis Street. We chose Bugis as suggested by my cousin since it is very accessible to MRT connections. Bugis was definitely a good choice since it is a food heaven! You may read my Singapore planning and our Singapore Adventure in my personal blog

Chuen Chuen in Bugis Street

Chuen Chuen restaurant was just near to the hotel where we were staying. It was around 11:30 am and the restaurant was already crowded. We have plenty of other options where we can eat but out of curiosity, we decided to take a queue number outside and waited to be called for our table. Yes, you cannot just come in, choose your table and take a seat. You have to wait to be called outside the restaurant. There were plenty of customers waiting outside and it took us around 15 minutes to be called. I was already hungry then, coming from an almost 8 hours flight. 

Our queue number was called, we were escorted to our table, which was next to the toilet. :( Well, the place was a little small but it has a homey ambiance. The staff were very polite and helpful though. We place our order and it took 10 minutes to come. The food serving was huge and the taste were all tasty and satisfying. My husband loves the boneless chicken feet with vegies and sweet-spicy sauce. The Hainanese Style chicken was very tasty and tender. While the Sweet and sour diced pork was perfectly cooked, tender with a right crisp. The prices were very budget friendly. No wonder why people spend time queuing here. The food are very good and has a huge serving, the prices are very affordable and the staff are friendly. Indeed, a thumbs-up for us! :)

Hainanese Style Chicken Cutlet Rice

Sweet and Sour Diced Pork Rice

Thai style boneless chicken feet

Iced tea



BBQ Box is just adjacent to Chuen Chuen Restaurant. Same with Chuen Chuen restaurant, we have to wait for our table to be ready before coming. We had our dinner here and it was a very good foodie experience. And yes, we didn't had rice but the dim-sums were quite heavy enough to satisfy our dinner. The staff were very helpful assisting us in choosing our order. We ordered dim-sums, chicken satay, pork intestines, squid and beef fats. The aroma of barbecue inside BBQ Box restaurant was definitely mouthwatering. The food we ordered were perfectly seasoned but we still love dipping it to soy sauce with citrus. I personally love the pork intestines and beef fats. I know, it's not a healthy choice but hey, we are in a food adventure. ;)

Pork intestines, beef fats and chicken satay

BBQ Squid

Steamed Dimsums

Dipping sauces


Chinatown Food Street

After a tiring walk of buying some souvenirs and looking around Chinatown, Chinatown Food Street is definitely a place to be. Good food, affordable prices and nice people.

Very tender and tasty Peking duck.

Steamed clams in oyster sauce and Chili crab. Chili crab is one of our favorites! Perfect combination that triggers my allergy :( Yep, it was a little trauma for me to look for antihistamine at the middle of the night in a place I am not very familiar. Good thing I found a cough syrup with antihistamine in 7/11.


Bugis Street

We were lucky that we stayed in Bugis. Restaurants are everywhere and almost accessible anywhere. The aroma of food when past 5 strikes is like a bell calling all the people to eat :)

Crispy Pork with mushroom oyster sauce

Hainanese Chicken


Merlion Park Food Stalls

To beat the heat and to satisfy our hungry tummy, food stalls in Merlion Park saves the day!

Ice kachang is similar to Pinoy halo-halo but my husband and I prefer halo-halo better. This tasty dessert with beans, sweet corn, jello cubes, kaong and shaved ice is nice but we prefer the creaminess and sweetness of our halo-halo.

Breaded crab legs and squid balls for snack :) Yum!

I don't know if this Ice cream bread is really popular in Singapore, but since I've read in a blog that it is something to try, I really look for it. It was quite difficult to look for it. Good thing that we lost our way looking for the MRT station, we found the small stall of this old lady doing the cutting a big block of ice cream, just behind the Fullerton Hotel. The ice cream blocks come in different flavors and you have the option of putting it in a wafer or sandwich slice. This is raspberry in sandwich slice.


Singapore Flyer Food Trail

Our last food stop was in Singapore flyer food trail. It is like a small hawker with so many options of food that you can try. And since this is our last post for our food adventure, we tried almost everything that we can afford ;) Although most of it were seafood, good thing that it didn't triggers my allergies :) 

Fried Oysters with Egg - I personally like this since although I'm not a fan of oysters, I enjoyed eating this

Sweet and Sour Battered mussels

Sambal Stingray

Noodles with egg and seafood

Pork Ribs Bakuteh

Steamed tofu in soy sauce

YUM!!! :)

Happy Tummy!!! ;)

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