Love Food Festival 2016 in Abu Dhabi

Love Food Festival in Abu Dhabi was held last February 18-21 in Mushrif Central Park. My husband and I visited it on the first day. Since we were there early, the park was not crowded and the aroma while on our way to the caravans was so tempting!

There were many food caravans from London and some caravans were from here in UAE. I would like to try it all but since I'm on a budget and slightly sick, I couldn't indulge so much to everything.

Here are some photos from my visit.

It was a pity I couldn't have churros :( I have a cough so I avoided eating sweets. 

Very unique!

I ordered chicken pad thai from Bangwok and it was yum! The serving was good for two :)

Grilled cheese from The Cheese Truck was one of my favorites. The taste? Heaven! ;)

This is Braco (British Tacos) from The Roadery is definitely delicious! One of my favorites since their last year's visit here in Abu Dhabi.

 We enjoyed watching baking demo by French p√Ętissier and celebrity chef  the "Cake Boy" Eric Landlard.

The night was young but we left early because it was very cold. Although, I didn't had much food to try, I really enjoyed the night. Indeed, food festivals are my favorite. Good food, vibrant music, happy people. 

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