Restaurant Review : Jollibee @ Dubai Mall

This review was long overdue. Well, we only had a chance to visit Jollibee in Dubai mall recently, although they've been open there for  almost a year in couple of months now. We were lucky to be in queue for just 15 minutes since we arrived there a little early for lunch time. But after my turn to order, people started coming and the crew patiently assisted customers to be properly in line so other people in the food court will not be disturbed.

My husband and I were so excited that we wanted to try everything in the menu. I just told my husband that our priority was to taste the chicken, spaghetti, hotdog sandwich and the burger. So, I guess we've ordered almost everything. Here are our orders!

The aroma was quite 'The Pinas Jollibee'. Hmmmm, I'm already mouth watering while doing this post. Ok, I started with the spaghetti, it was 95% similar to the original. Then I took a bite of the chicken, I would say it was 90% similar to the original. The rice and burger steak was my husband's but I had a taste of it, I guess it's 98% similar as the original. I ate the jolly hotdog later in the afternoon of the same day and I would say it was 80% similar to the original. Overall, the taste was definitely satisfying. There were slight differences in the taste but I'm sure all our kababayans here in UAE were satisfied and happy.

The success of Jollibee here was really obvious that in less than a year they will be opening more branches in Dubai. Hopefully soon in Abu Dhabi also.

Location: Dubai Mall Food Court



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