Abu Dhabi Street Feast 2015

Abu Dhabi Food Festival held the Street Feast for the first time where local and international food caravans parked in the street of Abu Dhabi offering diverse range of delectable cuisines for reasonable prices. The street feast started on February 5-7 in Abu Dhabi Western region, February 12-14 in Al Ain and February 19-21 in Abu Dhabi Corniche. Food caravans from United Kingdom were the highlight of the event and crowds' main attraction specially for a gastronomic adventurer like me.

Aside from the food trucks, there were also cooking demos from renowned chefs. I missed Chef Andy Bates demo but quite lucky to watched Chef Jun Tanaka. He demonstrated a very simple and quick dish of ‘Herb Crusted Lamb’ which unfortunately my husband is not really a fan of lambs. Anyway, one thing that I’ve learned from Chef Jun, even before from his show in Food Network, is to always taste whatever you’re cooking, before and after adding-up extra condiments. I luckily had a photo with him after his demo :)

After watching cooking demo, my husband and I started to check what we could buy from all the food trucks since we have set a limit for our food adventure budget. So, we decided to have grilled cheese sandwich from The Cheese Truck – one of the best selling that day; sweet treat of Churros and Chocolate; and my personal favorite, wagyu beef cheek Braco (British Tacos) from The Roadery of Dan Shearman. We also tried Cucumber and Rose lemonade from Soft Drinks for Grown Ups.

I would say that the concept of Street Feast is definitely a breath of fresh air in the Emirates especially to food and nature lovers. Even sandstorm didn't hinder the crowd from visiting the event, just shows that the Street feast is a huge success.

Chef Jun Tanaka in action.

with Chef Jun Tanaka

The Cheese Truck

Grilled British Cheddar, French Raclette Cheese and onion sandwich. Heaven!!!

Churros and Chocolate caravan

Yummy Churros and chocolate!

The Roadery caravan

Wagyu beef cheek Braco. Perfectly slow-cooked beef that literally melts in your mouth.

Soft Drinks for Grown Ups!

Rose lemonade & Cucumber Softdrinks


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