Restaurant Review : Olive Garden

It was a typical Monday night when we (me, my husband and our friends) planned to have a sumptuous dinner in a restaurant. First we agreed to dine in a pizza house but changed of plans made us try somewhere else. We decided to check out Olive Garden, an Italian restaurant, where most of us haven’t tried yet.

It has a homey ambiance, not so crowded and has good table spacing which made us really comfortable while chatting and eating.

The attendant was very helpful in discussing to us what are in the menu. We started our dinner with unlimited complimentary breadsticks, a sweet tasting and soft bread that was obviously freshly baked; soup and salad top with extra cheese grated by the waiter at our table; and bottomless iced tea. These complimentary foods are given with each order of main course. And these will definitely make you full enough before having your main course. So I’m suggesting not to order much of the real starter on the menu or better not to order it at all if you’re not much of a huge eater. But for us, we still ordered some plates of breaded lemon shrimps which were not bad to match with the salad.

Our mains arrived before we’d finished the starters. Some ordered steaks, pan fried chicken and some were pasta. The qualities of the food were very good. Though the steaks were a bit tough to chew, I guess it was too well done.  Otherwise everything was very good.

The value for money was remarkable. The service was exceptional! Our attendant specifically was very prompt, friendly, funny and fast. He indeed raises the bar for the definition of excellent customer service.

Unfortunately, we couldn't get to the dessert menu because we didn't have enough space to dig it in our stomach. There were plenty of unfinished plates from main course and from the heavy complimentary starters, but the waiter was well-prepared to box these up for us and even added some more breadsticks.

To sum-it-up, it was a great experience and we will definitely go back there for a good get-together with friends or on a normal dinner with my husband.

LocationAl Wahda Mall, 3rd Floor Extension, Abu Dhabi, UAE
               For inquiry you may contact 02 6437026
               As per the food we ordered, it was Very Good!



  1. yummmyyyyy....... It looks so delicious....Thanks for sharing it :)

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