Bulacan Sweet-Style Longganisa

Longganisa, longanisa, longganiza, longaniza??? Some even pronounced it langgonisa. He he he, including me =D. Well, however it should be spelled it will always meant to be Pinoy’s native sausage =D

There are many longganisa versions in the Philippines. One of the most famous was Longganisang Lucban. I haven’t tasted it yet but I guess it won’t be famous if it is not too good. I’ve tasted Pangasinan’s version of tasty, garlic flavoured longganisa which was unique because of the toothpicks in between each segment. 

Since I grew up in Bulacan, the most famous longganisa for me would be the ones sold in our public market in Bustos or Baliuag. It might not be famous within the country but it is surely the best for me.

I personally love the sweet-style longganisa. My Mom usually bought from her suking tindera (trusted seller) since bocha (double dead pigs) was very rampant in the market. I remember the oily, tasty and red meat and fats of our fried longganisa. A perfect breakfast to start my day….. Red meat and fats??? Yes, my Mom said it is red because of the salitre (meat preservatives).

Just recently, my Ninong came here in Abu Dhabi and as usual I have something from my parents. They send me my favourite sweet-style Longganisa from Bulacan. Out of curiosity, I immediately called my parents to ask, “Bakit hindi pula yung longganisa?”, my Dad laughed and answered, “Bawal na ang salitre, masama daw yun sabi ng Mommy mo.”

Well, my Mom really has a point there since salitre is known to be carcinogenic. But I can’t imagine my tocino not to be red. =(    I know it is possible though, but I don’t know, maybe I am just not used to it.

Any how, just sharin’ with you a photo of my Sweet-style Bulacan Longganisa without salitre =D


  1. Still looks good even without salitre!:)

  2. thanks Berylle. =D ur right and it indeed tasted very good!

  3. sarap try mo un TimbNg longanisa. ito sikat ngaun sa baliwag

    1. thanks :) I will surely try that when im back in the Philippines. Baliuag is just nearby to our place in Bustos, so i am sure that i will try that longanisa.. :)

  4. Hi guys, I think this is exactly what I'm looking for, though I'm from San Antonio, Nueva Ecija. Can you guys share the recipe for sweet longga? Thanks.

  5. in my high school days in the 1960's i so loved the langgonisa - both bawang and matamis flavor - from aling nene (her langonnisas were the most famous in the baliuag meat market and she also owned gloria romero's restaurant, named after her daughter, near the plaza). they are the best. i've been abroad since 1979 and i so miss them. i chanced upon your blog because i was trying to look for the recipe of those sweet and garlicky langgonisas. so if you happen to have the recipes i will be very grateful if you would share them with me (my email is danhizon@yahoo.com). thank you very much.


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