Bibingka (Filipino Rice Cake)

Indeed, Christmas is in the air. Less than an hour here in UAE and it's officially the Christmas month. Whew, I really miss everything about Christmas in the Philippines. The food, decorations, shopping, and the spirit of the season, when everyone seems to be smiling and greeting each other. Speaking of food, I could say that it's no Filipino Christmas without bibingka, especially during the simbang gabi.

There are different kinds of bibingka in Philippines but the most available bibingka and is common during Christmas is made of galapong or a glutinous rice soaked in water, usually overnight, then finely ground with water in a blender or natively using stone blender to form a batter. It is baked on a clay pot lined with banana leaf, with live coal on top and underneath. I personally love it with butter, cheese and salted eggs on top, served with hot salabat (ginger tea) for beverage.

OK, confirmed, I uberly missin' Christmas at home! =( Thanks to my honey for somehow relieving my Chiristmas tantrum with this mini bibingka from Filipino bakery here in Abu Dhabi.

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