First-time Perfect French Macaron

Finally, I could say that I made perfect macarons. The perfect texture, taste and my long awaited lovely feet. I don’t actually remember how many times I’ve tried baking macarons since I had a guts of doing it. Although, I only posted three experiences here in my blog. Thus, I’ve learned many tips from different blogs and experiences as well.
For this specific macaron recipe, I also made use of my last recipe posted only that I’ve used a very nice baking parchment. Yes, a very good baking parchment is one of the vital things you should consider in baking macaron. Macarons from my recent recipes had a wonderful texture and flavour already but it only lacks the feet that should have distinguished it to be perfect.
Now, to brag about my perfect version of macarons (so far), below are some photos you can indulge with… =D

Perfect feet....  Lovely!

See these perfect macarons.... Yes, product of hard-work indeed... =D

Gift-pack of macarons for a friend! Thanks to Giver's Log Blog for the labels =D


  1. these macarons are absolutely beautiful. i love macarons but they are expensive and i can never imagine myself making them. but your blog interested me in giving it a try. when you say "a very nice baking parchment", may i know what exactly that is or what brand it should be? thank you and happy cooking!!!

    1. Thanks for reading my blog Cristal :) I've used Falcon brand of baking paper... I am not sure if u can find the same in ur area since iam here in UAE... it is thicker than the usual parchment paper.. Some blogs that i've read used silpat silicon sheet and they highly recommend it, thoughit is a bit expensive. :)

      Give me feedback on ur macaron adventure... Hope u'll get it on ur first try :)


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