Thursday Late-Night Snack Went Wrong

It’s Thursday night and we were so exhausted packing our things from our old flat going to our new hub. We finished late and we were starving. And since the heat of summer here in middle east is still at its peak even at night, my husband invited me for a Siopao and Halo-halo for a late-night snack in Chowking, which is just a few minutes’ walk from our flat.
My husband and I has always been a fan of Chowking. Yes the famous Filipino / Asian Fast-food restaurant. I’ve featured them last February for the same situation that we had a midnight-snack which is unexpectedly Chinese New Year’s Eve as well. We honestly love their food. From their noodles to sweet & sour dishes. Yum yum…
We ordered, of course, 2 pieces siopao, a bottle of small water and a big bowl of Halo-halo Special. Our siopao was served within 3 minutes. We were about to eat when I noticed that they didn’t serve the siopao sauce. I’ve asked the food attendant for the sauce so she served it. After ten minutes we finished our a-bit-salty siopao, only then we realized that they didn’t served yet the water as well. I asked the food attendant again to serve our water and the halo-halo as well. She then served the bottle of water. We waited for another 10 minutes for the halo-halo. My husband is quite excited and mouth-watering already for our halo-halo so again, I’ve followed it up to the waitress. She even asked me, “Ah, you want it to be served now ma’am?” and I answered her “Yes, we actually followed-it-up already and this is the second time. ”………………. There’s actually a funny-sarcastic thought came into my mind on how to answer her question, “No, serve it tomorrow; we will just wait here….” He he he, of course it is rude to answer that way  =D
Anyway, we waited for another 10 minutes for the halo-halo but still nothing came. So much for our disappointment, my husband decided to just cancel the order and asked for the bill. =(
I was pissed-off also but since my husband is angry already I just have to neutralize his feelings. First, we were disappointed with the siopao. We know that it would not be exactly the same as what we have in the Philippines yet we never also expected that it would be way far different than that. Aside from it’s a bit salty for an asado flavour, it was also loose. Well, I hope it was only that day they had a wrong recipe for it. Anyhow, we can actually understand the variation of their cookery however, what I can’t deeply figure-out is their poor customer service. We might have understood it if it was a busy hour, but it’s already quarter to 10 pm and there’s not much customers as well. And for the fact that we followed-up our orders for several times I guess they should have already paid attention to us. Or else they should have informed us that it will take time to be served because of whatever reason. Thus, poor customer service has been shown in the first place from serving our siopao without sauce, we even have to ask for our bottle of water, to the long-awaited halo-halo (it must have been really special, I guess).

In a Nut Shell: Our unplanned Thursday night-out for late snack just went wrong because of a poor fast-food service and not-so-good food. Well, we still love Chowking though. Maybe only for this specific food and I hope that only for this certain scenario that the customer service is poor. Surely, we will still go back there. Besides, there are still lots of good food from their menu. I just hope the food attendants will be more accommodating at whatever time of the day though.

My rating below reflects the food and service mentioned above.

Location: Hamdan St., Abu Dhabi, UAE

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