Sushi Night

Who want some Sushi for midnight snack? Nope, I didn't prepare it myself but I knew how to. I've done it several times since my husband had a taste of this Japanese cuisine.

It was Thursday and we came home late from our weekend grocery and window shopping last night. We passed-by the fish section in Carrefour and we're fascinated, (as usual) by the yummy looks of the freshly-made sushi in bento boxes. It's quite expensive for 8 pieces but I guess it's worth the taste.

We bought 1 bento box of assorted sushi with 4 vegetable rolls (2 carrot rolls and 2 cucumber rolls) 2 California Roll, 1 Salmon Nigiri and 1 Shrimp Nigiri, with a teaspoon of wasabi and thin slices of pink ginger.

 Nom nom nom...... =D Enjoy!

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