Mongolian Night

It has been a week since we had our last dinner date outside our crib, so tonight we agreed to have our post-monthsary date. I suggested to have dinner in Mongolian, one of our favourite Chinese restaurants here in Abu Dhabi.

This cozy Chinese restaurant is located in Safeer Building ground floor, just opposite Beach Rotana near Abu Dhabi Mall. Aside from foreigners, it is remarkable that most of their frequent customers are Pinoys. Why? Well, not just because of their very much accomodating Filipina waitresses and two other foreign waiters but also of their mouth-watering food.

Vegatable Fried Rice

Beef Spring Roll

Chicken Garlic

Mongolian Special Sizzling Spicy Beef Spareribs

Yum yum... Who can resist these sensational flavours? A for effort for the chef indeed! The tender meat, well-blended spices and savoury sauces will surely push your appetite's limit at its peak. Better to do fasting within the day before you go here guys. You really should have a space in your stomach before battling with their huge serving of food.... He he he... Just joking! Of course whatever leftover you want to take home will be properly packed by their staff.

Another reason why people keep on coming back to Mongolian is because of their fast service and very affordable prices. They also accept home/office delivery with free of charge, but with a considerably minimum price of order.

There are lots of other dishes on their menu but since we are only two, so photos above are just what we ordered... Drinks? We just had water so we can enjoy much of their food. They offer softdrinks, ice tea and fresh fruit juices as well.  =D

As much as I would like to give you their full menu I suggest you to just visit and have a try of their sumptuous food. =D

Bill for 2: Dhs 69 ($18.7)
Location: Tourist Club Area, opp. Beach Rotana (near Abu Dhabi Mall), Abu Dhabi, UAE
Tel. No.: 02 645 1500

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