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I was craving for an authentic Filipino Beef Pares so I did my online search for its recipe and planned to have it for dinner but my husband invited me for a dine-out. Nevertheless, my husband did not disappoint me because he suggested to have dinner in Goto King where they serve beef pares.

One of the growing players in the Philippine food service industry is Goto King. Its menu that offers a wide variety of both native Filipino food, as well as those that by tradition and are now considered as Filipino. Mainly, serving Goto as to where the name of this fast food is named after. Goto is a dish that’s basically rice porridge mixed with pieces of beef offal, garlic and sliced boiled egg. Luckily, we have Goto King here in Abu Dhabi!
Tonight is my second time to dine in Goto King here in Abu Dhabi. First, was when they were just recently opened, more than a year ago. The service and food way back then is not so good compared to our tonight’s visit. I could say that the quality of food and service is far better today than our first try during their soft opening. An A+ for improvement indeed!
I ordered Beef Pares, of course, and Sizzling Tanigue for my husband. We had mix of pasta and vegetable salad for starter and Lumpiang Ubod for appetizer. The serving of our orders didn’t take long except for the sizzling tanigue where as the courteous attendant informed us that it would take a little bit longer to be served because the fish is still frozen. Even so, it was well-served and the tastes of the food are worth to wait. The savoury Beef Pares well-blends the sweetness and the tenderness of the meat that simply satisfied my cravings.
Grilled Sizzling Tanigue with mushroom sauce
side-dished wtih vegetables =D

Hearty Lumpiang Ubod with sweet peanutty sauce =D

Location: Khalidia Mall - 1st Level, Abu Dhabi, UAE

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