Abu Dhabi Fish Market Escapade

Weekend getaway - - - Fish Market! We were both excited to go “fishing” =D. It was actually my husband’s first time to see fish market here in Abu Dhabi and it was our first time together to go there also. As expected there were lots of market-goers today. What I love about the fish market here is that they have market section for fish cleaning and grilling as well. My husband enjoyed shopping for our seafood-lunch.

There were lots of different kinds of fishes and so many “My Friend” (as what we call the vendors here) greeting us and bargaining their fishes. The sellers are not just accommodating but also speaking in Tagalog just to impress us to buy their fishes. “Galunggong” “Bangus” “Tilapya” “Alimasag”.

Along the fish grilling section, there were also stores for dried fishes. Almost the same as what we have in the Philippines only that the dried fishes here are much more salty. Big and small kinds of dried fishes, dried shrimps and squids as well.


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