Texas Chicken - One Lazy Night

Preparing dinner is not an easy task especially during weekends. He he he ;D  But I am so lazy that all I want is to sleep the whole day and just to have an instant dinner. Our laziness at times opens an opportunity to explore food outside our kitchen.
My husband and I were craving for a Jollibee style chicken but, unluckily, we don’t have Jollibee here in Abu Dhabi. There are lots of fast-foods here serving almost the same style of chicken cookery but no one beats the original Jollibee style of chicken from the Philippines. Nonetheless, we have our favourite fast-food were chicken serving is almost the same as Jollibee. Big, crunchy and spiced just the way we like it. Texas Chicken, yes, we also have it in the Philippines but fast-food competition way back there doesn’t give much room for Texas Chicken to lead the game. Fortunately, here in Abu Dhabi Texas Chicken remarkably break-out its name.
Actually, we just recently discovered Texas Chicken here in Abu Dhabi. Thanks to a friend who introduced where Texas Chicken is hiding. It is not located in the heart of the city and it’s not a bit parking friendly. But nothing will hinder us from satisfying our craved from Texas Chicken. And as what I’ve said we are so lazy tonight, thank God that I have Texas Chicken delivery hotline =D. Yes, it is just a dial away! Our desire didn’t wait long. Fast delivery only takes 20 minutes and the chickens were still hot. Nom nom nom…. He he he…. We finished our dinner for only 15 minutes. Indeed, we beat off the 20 minutes fast delivery. Well, who can resist this temptation? It is for you to know. ;D

Location: Airport Road, Abu Dhabi, UAE (Home Delivery Hotline 600522224)

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  1. haven't been to ADH in 7 years, but if it's in Airport Road, it is indeed far from the city centre....great tasting chicken though. but not the same experience in Singapore. it was so bland...


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