Left-over Onion

We usually have onion leftovers and the first thing we come in mind is to store it inside the fridge. Simply storing it inside the vegetable compartment will not help it to last longer for future use. It won’t even be fresh for couple of hours. Why??? Simply because sliced onions attracts bacteria from whatever is inside your fridge. So, the best thing to do is to pack them in a plastic zipper-lock fridge bag, squeezing all the air out and refrigerate. Also, it would help to keep everything in your fridge from not tasting like onions.

When you need only a small portion of an onion, do not peel the whole onion. Cut off the size you need and peel it. The remaining portion will keep longer with the skin on it in the refrigerator. Use pre-cut onions only within 2 days.
No need for much scientific explanation about this. I mean, anything you put inside the fridge that isn’t properly sealed or uncovered is logically prone to bacteria. So, better be sure than sorry. =D

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