Festival of Abu Dhabi Grown Vegetables and Fruits

The “Festival of Abu Dhabi Grown Vegetables and Fruits” which opened at Al Khalidiya Mall in cooperation with Lulu Hypermarket, showcased carts of locally farm-produced fruits and vegetable which promotes good harvest from the region. Since UAE country is covered by sands and has extreme weather, it is quite difficult to cultivate fruits and vegetables. But because of continuous support from the government as well as to the extended efforts from local farmers, a bountiful harvest has been made possible.
The festival also greatly emphasized on promoting “Organic Produce” grown in Abu Dhabi, which serves for the best interest of health-conscious shoppers in the capital.
 Here are some snapshots from the healthy and colourful festival.

bell peppers + onions + eggplants =
perfect color combination of UAE flag =D

green leafy options....

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