Dessert with a Twist

Afternoon Delight.
An easy dessert for sweet-craving afternoon. So, what do we have inside the fridge? Hmmm… I have Mango flavoured ice cream (thanks hon for this pasalubong); I also have some cherries and mixed fruits (left-over from my baking ingredients). Ice cream is good enough for dessert but I want to do some twist for our dessert ;D . I also found a sachet of honey flavoured graham crackers – an additional ingredient to make my dessert-with-a-twist more exciting.

  • Graham crackers
  • Mango Flavoured ice cream
  • Cherries
  • Mixed fruits

1.       Crushed graham crackers and place it in your favourite ice cream cup/glass.

2.       Put in a scoop mango flavoured ice cream on it.

3.       Topped with mixed fruits and cherries.

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